A Message From Our Founder and Artistic Director Louines Louinis

"Haitian folklore is a way of life for Haitian people. The way we dance, the messages in the songs and the rhythm of the drums are all able to make us feel good in any situation.

Haitian folklore is reminiscent of our ancestors. It contains a rich history of traditions, culture, language and food.

My goal is to keep the spirit alive in its native state and to share it with the new generations."


About Louines Louinis Haitian Dance Theater

The Louines Louinis Haitian Dance Theatre takes the rich culture of Haiti and transforms it into art.  The mission of the company is to promote awareness of the Haitian culture. The company strives to enhance the cultural identities of Haitian American youths while establishing understanding among non-Haitian youths, thus, strengthening cultural diversity. The goal of the company is to continue the legacy of the Louines dance techniques.

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